Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Crafts

While this blog is dedicated to recipe trials and tribulations, I also love to craft.  Over my break, I made a few things in my mother's kitchen.  So, I decided they were qualified to be included.
The first of my crafts were wreaths that I gave as gifts.  So easy and so cute!

Materials needed:
  • foam wreath
  • yarn or ribbon of your choice
  • tacky glue
  • hot glue gun
  • fabric of your choice
What you do:

1. Wrap the foam wreath with yarn or ribbon, using tacky glue sporadically to hold in place.
The Fast Grab is a must!

2.  Cut fabric one yard in length and anywhere from one inch to four inches in width, depending on how big you want the rosette to be.  

3. Fold the fabric in half (hot dog style).

4. Roll the fabric to create a center anywhere from four to seven times, using a little Tacky Glue to keep the fabric in place.

5. Twist the fabric as you wrap it around the folded center that you created.  Make sure to tacky here and there along the way! Wrap the fabric tightly so the rosette stays together.

Don't worry, the Tacky Glue dries clear.

6. Hot glue all the rosettes you created onto the wreath.

I also made a wreath for my grandmother who has a bit of a country style.

This craft was a lot of fun and super easy to make.  These best part:  it can totally be customized for the person you are making it for.


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